Homeowners Insurance

At Progressive Tower Insurance Services Inc., we know that homeowners insurance is about so much more than just your house. That's why we offer a wide variety of quality, affordable homeowners insurance coverages to help meet your insurance needs and provide exceptional value for your insurance dollar.

Homeowners Insurance policy provides insurance protection at an affordable price. Protection for covered losses to your home, your personal property, and other structures such as a detached garage or shed is provided. Personal liability coverage and medical payments to others complete the policy.

Progressive Tower Insurance Services Inc. also offers policies uniquely designed for condo owners, renters, and rental dwelling owners. Our special line of coverages include:

Condo Owners Insurance

Finding the right condo insurance can be challenging. As a condo owner, your insurance needs are unique and our goal is to take the worry and stress out of choosing the right coverage. You can choose from our standard Condo Owners Policy or you may also choose our premium condo owners policy.

Our Premium Condo Owners Policy provides superior coverage in one great package. It reduces the chance of potential coverage gaps and provides complete protection and peace of mind when you need it.

Premium Condo Owners Policy offers the following benefits:

  • If your diamond engagement ring gets lost while on vacation, you're covered for up to $10,000.
  • What if you lose all your personal property when your condo burns to the ground? With this special policy, you will be reimbursed for your expenses to replace your damaged personal property without any deduction for depreciation.

With Premium Condo Owners Policy you will also get:

  • -Ten times the amount of Loss Assessment coverage found in a standard condo policy.
  • -Higher limit of protection for your condo unit and other structures or property which are your responsibility.
  • -Broadened cause of loss protection
  • -Increased coverage for personal property away from premises
  • -Credit card and forgery—up to $5,000
  • -Refrigerated contents coverage—up to $1,000
  • -Personal injury liability coverage
  • -Increased coverage limits on money, securities, watercraft, trailers, business property, silverware and firearms
  • -Up to $10,000 in coverage for lost, stolen or misplaced jewelry, watches and furs
  • -Data recovery due to computer virus

Premium Condo Owners Policy offers exceptional value at an affordable price. Call us to learn more about this important coverage or for an insurance quote.


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