Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical practitioners need the right malpractice insurance, so that they can focus on their jobs without worrying about the financial threat of malpractice lawsuits and settlements. For practicing medical professionals in California, Progressive Tower Insurance Service Inc. offers some of the lowest costs and the most comprehensive Malpractice coverages you'll find anywhere.

We offer policy customization, to give you exactly what you need without weighing you down with unnecessary plans, along with assistance in picking the right type of coverage for your particular field of expertise. From surgeons, to specialists, and much more, our goal is to connect you to policies that are best suited for your field, and your role in that field.

We offer policies that can cover a wide range of different specialties and roles within the medical industry, as well as group policy offers for practices that have several different professionals under the same roof.

Many of our policies include coverage for:

  • - Occurrence and Claims Made
  • - Defense for Disciplinary Hearings
  • - Defense for Allegations of Sexual Abuse
  • - Consent to Settle in Favor of the Physician
We create each policy from the ground up, and listen to medical practitioners when it comes providing the coverage they require at a price they can afford.

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